17. August 2022

Tips & Tricks for Finding the Best in Online Entertainment


Today, almost everything we need can be found online. Oftentimes, out of convenience or habit, we stick to the old methods—whether picking up groceries rather than ordering in or doing a language exchange with a friend rather than downloading an app. Still, there are some things that are simply better online.

This is especially true when it comes to entertainment related to gaming, movies and TV shows, and sports. For many people, gone are the days of TV subscriptions with hundreds of channels, from UTV to Adom TV, to choose from. Now that entertainment is broken up into different platforms, finding the right companies and bonuses to follow takes a bit of practice.

No matter what your interests are related to online entertainment, keep the options and tips below in mind.

Gaming: Subscriptions & Sign-Up Bonuses

One of the most popular forms of digital entertainment is gaming. This includes playing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, and classic PC games. However, there are a few ways to access games that not many consider.

First, keep in mind that many companies offer welcome bonuses for joining their platform. For example, an online casino like PokerStars Casino offers a sign up bonus that includes free spins for certain games, which lets a newcomer sample different options before committing. Always take advantage of a free trial—but be sure to check the terms and conditions.

Second, keep in mind that a gaming subscription might be a stronger option for new gamers. For example, Itch.io acts like a Netflix for games, letting players choose from a variety of options for a small monthly fee. Rather than buying games, it might be a better option to pay a smaller amount for a longer list of titles to peruse.

Movies & TV Shows: Finding the Right Streaming Service

When it comes to watching the latest movies and TV shows in Ghana, locals have options like Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. These are the big-name platforms that offer the most diverse options for viewers… but there are cheaper options with just as many quality titles.

For example, Philo, Pluto TV, and Xumo all offer comparable services at a much more affordable price point. Even better, they tend to offer movies and shows that aren’t hosted on major sites like Netflix and Hulu. So, if you’re on the hunt for a lesser-known title, then services like Philo, Pluto, and Xumo might be a better option.

Sports: Local Channels & Facebook

Unlike traditional movies and TV shows, finding a sports channel online is usually easier. In fact, many local channels have online counterparts, such as GTV Sports Plus. Similarly, sites like Facebook and Twitch have also shifted to offer live streaming for certain games. Recently, Facebook signed a deal with the US’s MLB league, and will now stream certain games live.

Oftentimes, sports bettors also have access to live streams straight from their browser or mobile device. In fact, now that many sportsbooks are offering live betting (also known as in-game betting), they bring live action straight to their users. This lets bettors wager on the action as it unfolds… but even if they choose not to wager, users can still catch the game live.

Basic Tips

So far, we’ve covered the basics of how to find the best options for gaming, streaming, and live sports. Aside from taking advantage of free trials and trying a few smaller-name subscriptions, there are two more key pieces of advice to keep in mind: looking into VPNs and staying on secure networks.

A VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’. It’s an app that redirects a device to another server, which is done to ensure the privacy of the user. VPNs also let users redirect their network to a server outside their own country, which means they can access deals, TV shows, or channels that might only be on offer for limited countries.

It’s also important to stay on secure networks to make sure that the subscriptions and trials you’re signing up for are legitimate. To check a site’s security, simply look for a URL that starts with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’.

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