April 5, 2019

Toya Wright Gushes Over Her Daughters And Posts Impressive Photos From The ‘Weight No More’ Event In New Orleans

Toya Wright Gushes Over Her Daughters And Posts Impressive Photos From The 'Weight No More' Event In New OrleansSource: bet.com

Toya Wright wanted to share with all of her fans and followers what went down during the Weight No More event in New Orleans. This event is supposed to raise awareness on serious health issues such as obesity and overweight.

Toya supported and promoted the event last year as well, and now she did it again. A lot of celebrities have supported her, and it was quite impressive.

Here are some pics that she shared on her social media account from the important event.

‘Good job @colormenae… I will always be right by your side cheering you on. I love you Nae Nae. ❤️👏🏽#wnmnola,’ Toya captioned a pic with her daughter Reginae Carter.

She also posted beautiful Reing, and she captioned the pic with: ‘Kisses from my @reign_beaux at the finish line. I love you baby girl. #WNMnola ❤️’

Someone commented ‘I love how the family is always first!!! I see Ms. Cita in the back! Y’all being there for Lauren is beautiful! ❤️ The unity is amazing!! Please Don’t stop!!!’

Another follower wants more clips of little Reigny: ‘Girl, where are our updated videos of OUR Reign??? I love for her Lil moods. She too much @toyawright.’

One person commented on the photo with Nae and Toya and said ‘I would die to have this relationship. I can only pray that I can bond with my girls. You can tell it’s genuine and you also don’t play with her. I’ve always loved y’all.’

Another supporter wrote ‘Y’all remind me of me and my daughter I had her very young age, so we grew up together we 10toes down. 💙’

One other person who was present at the event said ‘Yes and thanks for the pictures ❤️really enjoyed myself I can’t believe I did it, my body was sore afterwards 💪🏾🙌🏾 @toyawright.’

Recently both Toya and her daughter, Reginae had some pretty wise and precious messagesfor their fans on social media.

These were triggered by the death of everyone’s beloved rapper, Nipsey Hussle who was shot to death and left the whole community in pain.





Source: bet.com

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