August 18, 2020

Upper East Regional Minister to provide 1000 classroom dual desks to basic schools

At least 2,000 children currently studying in classrooms without furniture in the Upper East Region will have seats in their classrooms by the end of this year.

The Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage has taken a personal initiative to donate at least 1000 dual desks in a bid to reduce the number of children sitting on the bare floor of their classrooms for lessons.

The Parliamentary Candidate for the Navrongo Central Constituency has already donated 400 of the dual desks to the Kasena – Nankana Municipal Education Directorate to be distributed to schools in Navrongo.

Tangoba Abayage, NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Navrongo Central

Explaining the motive behind her initiative, the Minister said she ordered 400 classroom dual desks, prior to the NPP Parliamentary Primaries.

Tangoba Abayage said she had also planned to donate the furniture to coincide with her birthday which fell on June 30, but that could not be done because the furniture could not be produced within that short period.

“My plan was to donate 400 dual desks because there are many children sitting on the bare floors to write in class. But once the schools heard that I was donating furniture, more of them started asking if they could also get some furniture”, Tangoba said.

She explained further that it was due to the many requests from the schools that she decided to donate 600 more dual desks.

“Thanks to Free SHS, I do not have to pay any school fees in the constituency. So, I can use my salary.  For the next six months, if I don’t touch my salary, I should be able to provide 100 dual desks every month.

“Which means by close of December, we should have 600 dual desks in addition to the 400 we have presented today, to make it 1000 desks”, she said.

“I can assure you that this furniture you have donated to us will be put to good use and maintained very well, so that many generations of school can use them”, he said.

Albert Adonawurah, Deputy Education Director, Kasena-Nankana Mun.

Tangoba Abayage also used the opportunity to assure the Regional Education Directorate of government’s commitment to continue to improve on the education sector.

She also announced that more of the buses and pick-up vehicles will soon be distributed by the government, and the region again will benefit from that.










SourceAlbert Sore 

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