08. August 2022

Usher pays $1.1 million to a girl he allegedly infected with Herpes


We had just gone back and forth on allegations of an abusive cult raised against R.Kelly, Kevin Hart’s alleged cheating, now we have Usher to deal with.

Well, reports have it that the R&B superstar settled an unnamed woman with a sum of $1.1 million in 2012 because he infected her with Herpes.

*Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease.

Radar Online published scathing details including documents of the lawsuit and information that Usher was diagnosed with the disease between 2009 and 2010.

It wrote that the 38-year-old singer “had rigorous unprotected sex without disclosing he was stricken with the rabid virus.”

He was accused of ““consciously and purposefully withholding his herpes diagnosis from the woman “and continued to have unprotected sex.”

The woman was said to have been emotionally distressed and felt her health and body had been ruined knowing there is no cure to the disease.

credit: tmznaija.com

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