29. September 2022

We can’t memorise our way out of poverty – Adutwum reiterates call for education reforms


Education Minister, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum is calling for a reform in the country’s educational sector.

Dr. Adutwum said the current education set-up does not auger well for the development of students.

Speaking at a round table discussion on education in Africa at the sideline of the UN General Assembly in New York, Dr. Adutwum said reforms are needed urgently.

“We have tamed the children. We just want them to write down what we tell them and that on the day of exams, they should put down what we have told them and say that they are the best student the country has ever known.”

Dr. Adutwum stressed that “that kind of education system will not transform Ghana.”

The minister held that we needed a different breed of students to meet the needs of the modern world.

“That kind of education system is not going to give us critical thinking individuals, especially since we are in the 21st century, education 4.0 and the fourth industrial revolution.”

“You can’t memorise your way out of poverty,” the Education Minister warned further.


Post: citinewsroom.com