Western North REGSEC orders Chinese firm to halt quarry activities in Disue forest reserve

The Western North Regional Security Council (REGSEC), has asked a Chinese firm, Top Engineering Construction, to stop quarrying activities in the Disue forest reserve.

This follows the failure of the company to honor an invitation from the Council to resolve a matter brought before it involving the company.

The Western North REGSEC had been petitioned by the Omanhene of Aowin Traditional area over a boundary dispute between Aowin and Suaman Traditional Councils in the forest reserve, in which the company carried out its quarrying activities.

It, therefore, convened a meeting between the two parties, but the quarrying firm failed to show up without any explanation to the security council.

In a letter sighted by Citi News, the Western North REGSEC said, it deemed the refusal of the company to attend the meeting as gross disrespect”.

As a result, the council said it has decided to take action against the company.

It thus directed that “all quarry and other related activities being undertaken by your company, Top Engineering Construction on the Disue forest reserve should be halted effective Friday, June 4, 2021, until further notice.”

The sanction according to the Western North REGSEC is with immediate effect.

It also emanates from the President’s directive through the Lands and Natural Resources to the effect that all mining activities in forest reserves and along river bides be ceased as part of an effort to save the country’s natural resources.

In the meantime, the Acting Regional Police Command has been instructed to ensure that this directive is fully complied with by the company.









source: citinewsroom.com

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