September 4, 2019

“You will never stop begging until you give yourself to Christ” – so called born again, Afia Schwarzenegger trolls Mzbel

Self claimed queen of comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger now claims she has Christ as she slams her former best friend, Mzbel.

we all know the life Afia is leaving but we are not here to judge even though she is out there judging Mzbel.

Afia Schwar has once again landed and Mzbel after she claimed Mzbel should tell us the father of her bastard.

in another video from her FM station, she claims Mzbel is begging because she does not believe in Christ and until she gives herself to Christ, Mzbel will never stop begging.

to her she is flourishing because she has Christ, well we just can’t see the Christ Afia has in her …

she said;

‘…You don’t believe in Jesus Christ, that’s why you’re begging, that’s why you’re staying in your father’s house,”

Schwar also said Mzbel is so broke she takes Uber to a friend’s place and the friend has to come and pay for her.

just watch her in the video below;









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