June 23, 2022

“Women actually fall for men with money than men with good intentions, in Ghana” – Sarkodie


Rapper Sarkodie has disclosed that in Ghana girls fall for cash alternatively than guys with the proper intentions.

According to him, most humans who have cash to spend on these girls have unwell intentions and do no longer suggest true to the women.

But they will do away with the guys with excellent intentions and fall for the guys who have cash to spend.

“It seems like you are lying and I can’t do that. I will say Africans love that when people come and throw money. Even if the people had bad intentions you still like them. Even with women, men spend money on you and you think that’s where you should go but they have motives compared to the one who was not really really giving you money but wanted something real,” he said.

Sarkodie used to be speakme on why he is described as a stingy man in an interview in South Africa.

He stated he does no longer do properly for the cameras and consequently humans have no notion the accurate he does however due to the fact he does no longer do it for the public to see, he is considered as stingy.

Sarkodie stated he will no longer exchange his non-public ideas simply due to the fact of what humans are announcing about him.








Source: omanghana.com

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