You have probably heard a million reasons why some women undergo butt argumentation and various forms of surgeries to achieve volume in the area.

Popular musician Keche have argued that women only do this to look good and receive compliments from men, despite the claims that they go through all the trouble, suffering, and investment to look good for themselves.

Keche Andrew has explained that most men in Africa go crazy over women with bigger buttocks.

This has created the mentality that huge butts are attractive, and for this reason, some women will “die” to look good for men.

“We African love women with huge butts. We have made it a craze, and because of that, the women want to go out there and do it. They go through surgery, but others do it ‘normal’ at the gym.

“It is just because it is nice, and they see the men also complimenting it. They do it because of men, I mean, they want to look nice… We are not disputing the fact that it is nice. But I mean, who are they doing it for?” Andrew quizzed.

Also commenting on the new craze, Joshua, in their interview with blogger, Sammykay, reacted to the ‘attractive’ women who turned up at Mona4Reall’s 30th birthday party back in June.

He observed that most of the ladies had ‘enlarged’ butts which he confirmed added extra features to their bodies.

The musician spoke highly of ladies who put in extra effort to look good for the opposite gender.

“We must accept that the big butts are nice. I mean, I really like Hajia’s butt…some of them are really nice. They do it for us (men), of course, but some also do it to obtain curvy bodies,” he said.